Controlling analog LED Strip and AC devices (newbie)

I’ve seen cute 1 led controlling examples but as a newbie I’m thinking big… how can one control a complete 24V LED strip (on off, dim, color) and how would one control a 230V valve. What hardware would be needed extra to connect to the Netduino and which libraries to control them.
Excited! Came here after hearing about the Meadow project.


Controlling strips of LEDs is possible. The control method and the hardware required would depend upon the type of LED strip that you are thinking of using. Have a look around and post a ink to the strip you are thinking of using.

230V mains is normally controlled using a relay. There is some example code in the Netduino.Foundation.

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Great! Could you provide me a link to a compatible relay?
Here is the LED strip that I have currently:

Hi Yannick,

I use Seeedstudio Grove plug n play gear for teaching students with Netduino devices, it’s pretty robust and makes it harder to blow stuff up.

This goes on the Netduino

Then depending on how much current the valve uses



Depending on yout LED strip these might be worth investigating

I have written a few specialised Netduino drivers for the Grove sensors\actuators but, the digital output & PWM code which would be the basis for interfacing to a valve & relay is covered off in the Netduino Foundation codebase.


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