Console output in VS2022 with RC1.1

I have upgraded to RC1.1, updated the OS on my board and started a new test project with just the default cyclecolors demo code. I’m not able to see any Console.Writeline output in VS. In the Meadow output window, I do see messages like “Received 11 bytes from VS, will forward to HCOM/Meadow” and “Forwarded 11 bytes to VS”. How can I see the actual output of the Console.Writeline calls?

There are usually two windows, one for the tool output and one for the application output. It sounds like you have the tool output open.


Mark, thanks for the reply. Hmm, any clue on how I can open the application output window you’re referring to? I thought the correct place would be the output window, with the dropdown called “show output from:” set to “Meadow”, but that only shows the “Forwarded xx bytes to VS” messages I mentioned above.

Hi @kelly apologies for the late reply. The bytes sent message was left in just for RC1, as we were tracking a communication bug and just wanted to be sure it was fixed. That logging will be removed for RC2.

I hope that helps.