Clima app source code

So where can i look at the windvane or BME680 source code? How much code is available?

All of the drivers are opensource and part of Meadow.Foundation: WildernessLabs/Meadow.Foundation: Unified driver and library framework for Meadow applications. (

Here’s the BME680 code: Meadow.Foundation/Source/Meadow.Foundation.Peripherals/Sensors.Atmospheric.Bme680 at main · WildernessLabs/Meadow.Foundation (

And here’s the WindVane: Meadow.Foundation/Source/Meadow.Foundation.Peripherals/Sensors.Weather.WindVane at main · WildernessLabs/Meadow.Foundation (

Thanks. What about I2C bus and related info. I noticed when I am reading the BME680 on I2C there are some messages being shot out . The following is shown when temperature is read.

[3/12/2022 2:10:27 PM] Meadow StdOut: F
[3/12/2022 2:10:27 PM] Meadow StdOut: H
[3/12/2022 2:10:27 PM] Meadow StdOut: K
Return conditions

I have no idea where these are coming from.
If you could shed light on this that would be appreciated.