Choosing the correct kits when switching from Arduino

I’m new to micro electronics and would appreciate some help please.

I have a prototype product that I made using Arduino Uno, and need to change. I am already a C# developer and think the Wilderness labs will give me a better fit and easier path.

I was using an Arduino Uno to control 2 small motors using wires. I want to change it to a Bluetooth interface with a mobile app. What would be the equivalent devices needed? I need to programmatically turn on and off different motors or LED’s under different conditions using C# and Bluetooth.

Thanks in advance

Hi @waycomgroup ,

Apologies for the late reply. So if I understand correctly, you want a project that that will control 2 small motors (or LEDs) over bluetooth.

As you might know by now, Meadow comes with BLE and WiFi capabilities onboard, and our APIs to control them are pretty straight forward (see our Bluetooth docs if you’d like to know more)

About controlling 2 motors, What kind of motor controllers are you using?

You can check out this Hackster project I made thats controlling a Rover using two small motors on the wheels with Bluetooth using a Xamarin.Forms app. Check out how simple is to put it together using Meadow.Foundation.

If you havent already, you can join our public slack and discuss this further in our project_builds channel where me and more people are open to give you some guidance and suggestions of what you plan to build.