Change the SPI Pin configuration?

Would it possible to change the pins used for the SPI interface? For example, if I wanted to change the SPI Clock (#13) to pin #9.

Here is a link to the possible pins that can be used.

I will check out the source, thank you for the link!

If you are using the default SPI1 then the only pin that can be changed is the Chip Select pin.

The Netduino.Foundation library has a SoftwareSPI class that allows you to select any pin for any of the lines. You need to be aware that the SoftwareSPI library does not allow speed selection.


Hi… you don’t have to change the SPI library to use another SS pin because you can use any pin for that. Nevertheless pin 10 has to be an output (that’s why the begin() method of SPI is configuring it so) because that’s how you tell the hardware that it’s the bus master and not a slave.You have to handle the SS pin yourself anyway, the library isn’t doing this for you.

smt prototype assembly


That is correct, for SS you can specify GPIO_NONE in the SPI configuration and then deal with SS yourself.

The original question related to the CLK pin. MOSI, MISO and CLK are all fixed in the firmware and cannot be changed.