Can't see n3 in vs 2015

i’m trying to get an old NetDuino 3 wifi working again. I’ve done all the setup steps on the website, and can build a sample “led blinky” app. However, my device doesn’t show up in the dropdown on the .NetMF properties page. I see it in device manager under “other devices”, with no driver found, but that’s about it. Is there a driver (similar I would think to the arduino USB drivers), or is this supposed to be handled by NetMF?

note: I’m running VS 2015 update 3, under Windows 10 in a VirtualBox VM. I have the “Secret Labs” device connected to the VM’s USB.

Also, I’m completely unsure of the firmware version on this board - I haven’t touched it since 2016 or so. And I can’t find the download for the firmware updater - the downloads page is broken (which I’ve emailed the labs about separately).

And… MFDeploy doesn’t see it either.