Can't deploy a new program

I’m trying to test different programs on my Netduino 3 wifi and in the meantime I’m working on my own project. Now I don’t seem to be able to deploy any new programs on the Netduino. Everything I try to run ends up in my Netduino running the last version of my own program, which was a simple test in reading a web page. When I try to run another program, I have the code ready, no error is shown, then I start the debug. Netduino blinks as if it would get flashed with the new program. The led goes first yellow, then green. Just like in my old program. But I’m running a new program without anything wifi related! Then I get some html code output. _This is my old program Not the one I’m trying to run.
What is happening here? Is VS2015 refusing to send the new program to the Netduino?

Ok, I found the problem! When downloading complete projects from Wilderness, the projects have a setting where no deployment happens (meaning the project [or solution, if we speak MSVS] gets compiled, but won’t transfer to the Netduino). You have to actively allow the deployment to happen. Here it is explained:

Glad you fixed it. We ran into the same problem, and documented it here.

Not sure why VS does that. : (

Which would presuppose that you Bryan saw my postings earlier on deploying the classic blinky program to the device. It seems that they need to be set to actively allow debugging to be properly deployed as such. Annoying but predictable.

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