Can two different releases of the Netduino SDK co-exist?

This laptop normally runs Windows Seven_SP1, and I’ve got VS2010 installed. It’s primary purpose is for developing for the Netduino version 1 I have here. And as such I have all of the things that function needs. Including the latest MicroFramework build which is for me 4.2. I also installed its appropriate release of the SDK for it as well.

But can two releases of the Netduino SDK co-exist? I mean one was written for the Netduino Mini (Which despite being technically obsolete I’d really like to find two.) and this Netduino version 1 which I have mounted on a developers platform sold by Tinkerspher, a store in Manhattan which sells gigatons of things but nothing to do with this site.
I do run Windows 8.1 on this laptop. But it runs slowly and poorly. Originally when I’d gotten the first N3 platform here, that’s the Windows release I needed. Is that still true? If not is there an answer to my question. I did run VS2013 once on this laptop, for attempting to build code for an older release of Windows IOT Core stuff, on a Galileo 1 Platform. I don’t do that now. That’s a clarification to the original issue.
Oh and according to the pages for installing everything on Windows I need the 4,3,2 release of the Framework, okay, but what about the release I mentioned? Does it matter?
Oh and Brian the events page needs to be updated past this past Summer. Throw an event here on the East Coast!


EDIT: It is indeed 4.2 one of the last releases prior to the migration.

While I wait I figured I’d add more information to the mix:
Some of my best work on the Netduino (both type 1 and Mini) was done on this laptop while running Windows Seven_SP1 and VS2010 and assorted Dot-Net MF release 4.2_QFE2 items plus the appropriate SDK for the devices. I’d like to further that work for this amazing N3 w/ Ethernet and again on Windows Seven_SP1 but with VS2013 plus the appropriate Dot-Net MF release but the page for the device describes the SDK for the N3.

Will that item install on the laptop as configured? I now realize I was running VS2015 on the laptop as running Windows Eight dot One plus assorted updates. And everything else on the page for running things that way. Incidentally Bryan the Microsoft offices in Manhattan have a query, will we see your amazing company there this newly arriving year?

If you look in the installation directory you should find that the SDKs are installed in their own sub directories. So on my machine I have the SDK installed in c:\Program Files (x86)\Secret Labs\Netduino SDK\Assemblies and inside that directory there are further directories for the V4.1, V4.2 and v4.3 SDKs.

I am running everything fine on Windows 10 and I am not aware of any restrictions on the Windows version so you should be good to change the Windows version if you wish.

The latest Netduino framework is 4.3.2 and we usually recommend using the latest versions if possible as you benefit from the latest bug fixes and enhancements.

Hope this helps,

Thank you Mark! It certainly does. It confirms what I was indeed thinking. As for updating the framework? I suppose I should have done that, to begin with, but, ah, I wasn’t completely certain as to why. Of course, the response concerning the device that really got me started is one of an unknown quantity.

And now for something completely different.
Trying to install ether VS2012 or VS2013, again the latest updates, triggered a strange “Unhandled Win32 error”. I’ve seen those before but never related to trying to install a release of Visual Studio. Anyway I did manage to install the new Micro Framework tools. As for the rest of the issues, I’ll see if its necessary to switch to Windows Eight Dot One for this project, and of course for the N3 and its friends.

Oh and Mark I certainly do hope you enjoyed a decidedly good holiday, and of course a respectable Boxing Day.

Actually to all involved the problem got itself solved. I ended up buying a completely new laptop. So… That means that I’m largely not going to worry about all of that for a while.

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