Can Meadow work with LED SHIM and Inky pHAT?

I have LED SHIM and Inky pHAT and was wondering if it can work with Meadow today or what it will take to make it work.



Inky pHAT

From the product description of the Inky pHat it looks like it should work. The product page gives the driver chip for the board as the SSD1608 for boards shipped from 2020. The good news is that we have a driver for that chip in the Meadow.Foundation library. So although we haven’t tested it I cannot see any reason why this should not work.

The LED SHIM also looks to be supported so you should be good for that board as well.


Thanks for the reply!

I will start with inky PHAT and here are some things that I am wondering about.

I am trying to compare the SSD1608 drawing with the Raspberry Pi pins:

Inky pHAT Pinout Raspberry Pi
ePaper SSD1608 Meadow Foundation

Trying to compare the drawings, the pin mapping starts look like that:

D15				BUSY			Pin 11 (Busy)
D14				RST				Pin 13 (Reset)
D13				D/C				Pin 15 (Data/Command)
D12				ECS				??????	
MOSI			MOSI			Pin 19 (SPI0 MOSI)
SCK				CSK				Pin 23 (SPI0 SCLK)
GND				GND				Pin 6 (Ground)
3V3				VIN				Pin 1 (3v3 Power)

  1. to which pin should D12/ECS be connected on the Inky pHAT. Is it Pin 24 (Chip Select)?
  2. I am not using the following pins from the Pinout of the RPi :
    Pin 3 (I2C1 SDA)
    Pin 5 (I2C1 SCL)
    should I be using them?
  3. the pin for SCK connects to CSK, SCLK. All 3 abbreviations are different. Is it supposed to be this way?
  4. the Pinout page (the green table in the picture) shows that 3x3 power is used as well as 5v power, which is different from SSD1608. Is it OK?
  5. in the Inky pHAT, do I need to connect all of the Ground pins or will one of them be enough?


I decided to start with LED SHIM instead since there are fewer wires to work with and it is a more simple case to work with. I will start another thread with some questions.