Bluetooth Client

Is there not a way to talk TO an existing bluetooth LE device from the device? Just like on my phone I can connect to a BLE device and get readings from a sensor, I’d like to be able to do the same from the meadow device.

I only see documentation and posts about creating your own device (server).


Server is supported and client is on the roadmap for a future release.


OK… Back to the Pi I guess… One of these days I will be able to use these devices for a project… :slight_smile:

I just have to say... I have been supportive of the Meadow project in purchasing devices and stuff (dev kits, weather. station, boards, ect). But its been in "beta" for a pretty long time. And basic support like the Bluetooth Client is not even planned until AFTER 1.0 is released. the track record shows that it's going to be a few more years before we get to a device and framework that is "production ready".

Your not the only ones … the nanoFramework project is not much better. So we are left with .NET Core on the Pi (Pi Zero W 2). And Microsoft abandoning Windows IoT on the Pi didn’t help either. You get invested (time and $$) into these things and they seem to go nowhere.

I know the team is working hard, it’s just aggravating some times that every project I try to use an IoT stack, I hit brick walls.