Better graphics IO

Hi, am eyeballing Meadow Project Lab - .NET IoT prototyping platform by Wilderness Labs – Wilderness Labs Store and it has everything my project would need, except the graphics looks to be slow and the user can see it being drawn in real time.

Will there be a version of the Meadow able to render at least 10 fps and in a way that prevents the user from seeing the screen being redrawn?

Besides that, the product looks great - I observed someone else using it.

Totally. We’ve got SPI DMA on the roadmap which will enable us to directly blit/push graphic buffers out over SPI from memory (DMA = Direct Memory Access) without having to involve the processor, which will drastically speed up rendering. Today, nearly all the time spent on graphics is actually spent pushing data out over the SPI bus. Once that’s in, we expect buttery smooth graphics updates.

Hi, is there a ETA? Would this require a hardware update or just software?