Beginner questions about circuits and resistors

Beginner question about resistor.
I was following a few tutorials including one written for netduino, ( Wilderness Labs Developer Portal).
I believe I used a few other meadow tutorials but can’t recall them all. However, I believe I’ve replicated the correct behavior in my repo:
NelsonLamprecht/meadow_photoresistor (
However, I’m very new with circuits and actually understanding what I’m doing although I believe I am decent at c#.
I have a few questions:

  • Why is the analog in port connected to both the photoresistor and the traditional resistor?
  • Why is the other end of the resistor connected to the ground?
  • Is there a better, more standard way to wire to achieve the same result?

Try googling something like → why does a voltage divider need two resistors.
The Photoresistor is a variable resistor with low resistance under bright light and high resistance in the dark.