Battery charging circuit

I bought a hack kit pro last December and tried a couple of the different projects, the on currently residing on the Meadow is a modified LED Dice program.

My question is about the charging circuitry, and I don’t know if anyone has any experience with this.

I wanted to try out the battery charging circuit and see what kind of battery life I could expect, so I bought a LiPo 1200 MaHr battery and plugged it in to charge. After a day or so, I disconnected the USB cable, and the Meadow did nothing. I tried several different permutations of plugging and unplugging the battery and USB cables until something got crossed, and all of the magic smoke leaked out of a component adjacent to the battery connector. I assume that I toasted the USB controller.

LED dice still work fine, however the charging light comes on when I plug the USB cable in, and my dev machine doesn’t recognize the new USB device when I plug the meadow in.

Are there special instructions for using the Meadow for charging LiPo batteries?