Bare Metal raspberry pi support

For the last few years I have been looking in on the development of this product. As a c# programmer I find it very interesting. C(++) might be more powerfull on microcontrollers but .Net development is 4so much nicer in so many ways…

However the only thing supported still seems to still be a single microcontroller from a single manufacturer. Personally I would be far more interested if this ran on the Pi zero 2 on bare metal. It would open this up to a far larger community

Looking at the code it seems the framework runs on nuttx which isn’t available on the PI zero’s. But chibiOS is or FreeRTOS is. But I don’t even know if those are a requirement. There is the Circle Bare Metal library for the PI, but my first guess is this would not be enough. I am guessing the meadow core uses some of the RTOS fascilities for basic OS stuf like threading etc.

I think that even if everything needed is open, that porting this is beyond my skilllevel at the moment. But it seems there’s not even a basic porting guide to read. (correct me if wrong).

So question, is this ever going to get to other platforms? Is porting even desired?

I’m curious, and surprised it has not been done yet, so I am asking about it.:slight_smile:

Not a single reply, not even a flame :slight_smile: Disappointing.