Are there any docs for Dual Ethernet configuration and set up?

I can’t find any details on how to set up both Ethernet ports for use. Ideally WIFI and both ethernet would be nice. I’d settle for just both Ethernet though.

Edit: Actually I am having problems with any HttpClient calls. They all eventually fail with Task Canceled exceptions. I have 3 different Meadow boards and I cant get an http request to work on any. The Core-Compute Dev demo project dosnt even run for this reason. Calls on my Project board also fail in the same way.

Hey William, glad you’re on slack and getting help.

For documentation posterity, from the perspective of the Meadow, the Dual Ethernet port just looks like an internet connection. The chip on that module is actually a switch, so it’ll handle all the traffic routing for you. The design is intended for those situations in which you might need to daisy chain IoT devices from one cable drop point. Hope this helps. :slight_smile: