Anyone else have problems with RC2.1?

I upgraded my F7 to without issue. I can connect with the CLI and a device info reports it is running the OS. I upgraded my VS2019 to .NET 6.0 SDK as well as other things. I created a new hello application that cycles the LED and uses the initialize and run task overrides. The application builds without issue. When I debug it deploys and seems to start, but the LED does nothing. If I hit Break All, it takes me to a screen that basically seems to mean it doesn’t know where it is. If I set break points in Initialize and Run functions, they are never hit. I tried deploying the app directly to the F7 with the CLI. That seemed to deploy OK, but, again, the LED does nothing.

I even installed VS 2022 and required items on a different laptop and get the same result.

Has anyone had issues like this or would anyone know what might be going on or what I am missing?