After years I finally had time to unbox my Netduino Plus (1) - what specifically needs to be updated? (firmware, sdk, etc)


I had purchased a Netduino Plus (v1) at Microsoft Build a number of years ago. I finally after all theses years found it when I moved into my new house.

I currently have VS-2013, and I was wondering - what should exactly is the safest way to upgrade the firmware for this? Should I use the tools that are on the front page? Furthermore, what are my limitations with this version? Can I still use VS2013?

Thanks Everyone - I just don’t want to break the darn thing.

You should still be able to develop using VS 2013 with the Netduino Plus.

This post advises how you can update the firmware. The files required can be found on the downloads page. The legacy products are at the bottom of the page.

The one thing the post mentioned above seems to miss out is that you Samba (available from ATMels site) to update TinyBooter.

Hope this helps,

It looks like there was a lot missing from the tiny boot loader method -

thankfully, I found this article - which explains it word for word -

The above worked exactly how I expected it to w/ the Sam-Ba details.

Thanks for the link as well, it helped.

Glad to hear you are up and running.