Adafruit introduced a unique device that uses I2C to work

Earlier this month Adafruit introduced this device, Adafruit ATtiny816 Breakout with seesaw - STEMMA QT / Qwiic basically it adds a series GPIO points to the I2C framework, and even includes a mount point for more I2C ones. My problem is that the examples on the linked Learn page are written in both Python which I can make work on a Raspberry Pi, and in Arduino Sketch for that platform. Originally the gang at Secret Labs confirmed that the original Netduino could do I2C, methods. Obviously then it was called something else because the Phillips Patent on the technology was still active. I believe it has since lapsed.

What I am looking for is a little help in working out how to properly grok the methods behind using C# to talk to the device on the bus and on either a Netduino 1 or even a Netduino 3. (The mini is not included in this request.)

Hi Gregg,
I see they are a bit slow on this forum. I am new to it - I just started playing with my new F7. That tiny 816 module looks like fun - I’ll buy one and play with it a bit. A C# driver class would be useful for many people, maybe I can do that. But it could take a few weeks…
I2C seems to be easy to use with Meadow, I’ll try that once I finish the WiFi stuff, see
and the seesaw documentation gives you the I2C messaging details.

Yes of course. However… I picked the Netduino because that’s what I have here. I still haven’t started with the Meadow platform. So we’d need to focus on that one here for making things work.

It’s been six months so far, any progress on your efforts to get them to work there? Remember this is the NetDuino side of the Forum I2C does work on the platforms, read different processors, that the Netduino wears, all of them in fact including the Mini.

Gregg Doctor Who8