About Meadow, what does "cloud-managed" mean exactly?

The Meadow news sounded good at first, but I cringe at the words “cloud-managed” and phrases as “Updateable over the air”. Is this an option? Or is it a hard coded lock-in azure glue?

I’d rather be independent and have no strings attached. Can it be locked down updating via USB-only? In addition, I don’t understand the cloud hype at all, If you have a Synology or other NAS running, why would one ever ever want to hook up to any 3rd party service? Even if it is free?

Sorry for ranting, maybe I didn’t understand it correctly.

If it’s an optional feature that can be added (via a NuGet package or so) then I apologize for this first reaction.


It’s optional - really think of it as a enterprise feature so you “can” deploy updates remotely. But afaik it’s not required, you’ll still develop and test locally. It just means you don’t need to go into the field to make changes once your solution is deployed and running.

And definitely a fair question :slight_smile: