When will WiFi be ready?

At the last DEV online presentation the WiFi was supposed to be release 6/16 I believe. Will this be in beta 4 soon?

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Guys, I understand that answer to question could be another task in a busy day but, it’snt a good idea have a community section and blog almost unused. You provide a roadmap and you should provide update about it. You need enthusiastic people following you not frustrated ones

I would recommend joining the public Slack channel. An update was posted there last week.

If you wish to join the channel then you will find a link at the bottom of the home page of


Hi Nevyn,
I tried joining Slack but do not see any reference to Wilderness Labs. I am really trying to get some lessons created this Summer for my programming classes and want to move from Netduino to Meadow. But I need to know if I can make some demos for the Wifi and web server capabilities of Meadow. This forum and/or notifications on the developer page is the place more customers to find the latest updates not on another website.
I also think there should be a link on the home page for downloads directly. Going to the developer page and finding a link there is frustrating for new users. I am trying to understand how your team has been able to get such smooth/reliable sensor readings. I want to use Meadow for real time telemetry from the race cars my students build (UCI RaceCar & Mechanical engineering). Is there a way to view the source code for the sensor dll? I can’t fine anything obvious that points me to that.
Thanks so much for all you are doing.

Hey folks, sorry about that. @UGOC - totally agree; we underutilize the community site and blog. We’ve been posting updates on slack. Join here and check out the updates in the #General channel. We’re close, we got slowed down on some deploy/debugging issues.

@Ron_Kessler driver source code can be found here.