USB Driver missing


Today I received my first Meadow as part of the Hack Kit. I followed the instructions on the Getting Started page but the Meadow Device Explorer says that it can’t find the Device when I try to flash it. I know it is in boot mode because it doesn’t create a comm device but instead I can see the bootloader device. But, as you can see:


It can’t find the drivers. I have tried to reinstall the nuget package but still no drivers.

Here is the extension version: 0.12.4

Does anyone have the drivers so I can manually load them?



Have you read this article by Scott Hanselman?


Thanks. I thought that it was not applicable anymore since the new instructions are to uninstall it. But, thanks for mentioning it because I just tried it and was able to manually upload the meadow.os file.
I can now deploy stuff to the board through Visual Studio!

I still can’t run the hello meadow app but at least I can deploy it…

Thanks again!