Submitting Pull request instructions

I haven’t used Github much, but I have cloned the Meadow.Foundation and created a remote branch “william_agner_v1”. Next I have made changes on the branch, committed them and would like to create a pull request. I don’t see my branch in the “create pull request” screen in github. When I try to publish my remote branch, I get the error “Permission to WildernessLabs/Meadow.Foundation.git denied to MrBillAgner”.

Any advice is welcome,

You will need to create a fork of the project first. This gives you your own copy of the repo with open permissions. From the fork, create the branch off develop. Check in your changes to the fork. The pull request is made from your fork/branch to the WildernessLabs/Meadow.Foundation repo develop branch.
Search for “Contributing to open source github repositories” with your favorite search engine for more details.

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