No 4.1 Netduino SDK or support for Netduino Minis


I am have an older version netduino mini 4.1
I assume .net micro framework 4.3 will not work on these devices.

I cannot find the links to the 4.1 framework anywhere or the netduino 4.1 sdk, although I read that 4.3 sdk is supposed to be compatible with 4.1 framework.

The links that were pointing to 4.1 SDKs and Framework on this website do not work,
Its ok to discontinue a product, but completely discontinuing a support basically makes my collection of Minis useless.

Can you please provide a link to the 4.1 SDK and 4.1 Micro framework so I can use these with visual Studio 2013 Express.

Or alternatively with links to 4.2 firmware, 4.2 micro framework, and 4.2 SDK. So I can flash the device to 4.2. I wasnt able to find any working links to 4.2 either

Thank you,

The Getting started page has some links to older versions of the firmware.