NetDuino Updater - aka DFU Updater

Hi guys i download NetDuino Updater - aka DFU Updater

could some one explain how to use it

  • how to declare XML file four upload
  • how to declare regions for upload
  • what kind of file to upload

because dfu mode can accept BIN / DFU or HEX files

bot now i experiment with TinyCLR Os i want to have bootloader for this and TinyCLR os
can some provide this or still only .NET Micro Framework 4.3.x is supported


seems like these guys have done that?

I made it work with TinyCLR and VS 2017. here are some points:

  • it has only basic functionality, e.g. without netwoking at this point
  • it is not an open source project
  • TinyCLR is based on 4.3 so far

Netduino is not GHI hardware, so I would not expect too much Netduino specific development.

I think I will take a look at Nanoframework as well one day and see if this is something that can be used.