Inconsistent Data for Core Compute Module

I am creating an Altium symbol for the core compute module and was referring to your datasheet.
However, it was not working out well due to some inconsistencies including :

  • There is no reference to pin 1 on the recommended PCB Footprint. Ideally it would be nice to show a pin number on the first pad of each side of the board. i.e. 1, 35 and 57.
  • The datasheet shows 23.3mm between pad centres, this is incorrect, the EasyEDA symbol measures as 24mm.
  • The datasheet shows 1.4mm between pads 34 and 35 but it should be 1.5mm.

Hopefully the datasheet can be updated at some point?


Also, is there a 3D model for the Core Compute Module?


oof, sorry about.

Please file an issue at Meadow Issues with the datasheet error, and we’ll get it fixed.

Is there a 3D model for the CCM - I can’t seem to find it in the repos?


added step file here.

Thanks Bryan :+1: