Howto put Meadow in Bootmode

Hi, I just received my Meadow board and try to load the Meadow O.S.
I arrived at step 2.

  1. Download and run Zadig
  2. Connect a Meadow device in bootloader mode
  3. In Zadig, click Options > List All Devices
  4. Select STM32 BOOTLOADER in the dropdown
  5. Click Replace Driver

My question: How do i put the Meadow in bootloader mode?
Thx Rudy

The details are on the following page:

In short:
If the board is disconnected: hold the BOOT button down and connect the board to your computer via a Micro USB Cable.
If the board is connected: hold the BOOT button down, and then press and release the RST (Reset) button. Then release the BOOT button.

Thx. snypi! it works.

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