Getting Started - using old netduino - can I use Visual Studio 2015

I have some old netduino boards. They are from Radio Shack packages with the book “Getting Started with Netduino” by Chris Walker. I used them on an old laptop after installing the following:
Visual Studio C# 2010 Express
.NET Micro Framework 4.1
Netduino SDK (downloaded from the old website)

I managed to get all that working, but not without some headaches finding the correct free version of Visual Studio C# 2010 Express, and some problems with PWM libraries that I seem to vaguely recall.

Anyway, I decided to build all of the same on a new laptop, and it’s not working. I installed the following:
Visual Studio C# 2010 Express (I can share the link to this if anyone needs it).
.NET Micro Framework 4.1
Netduino SDK (downloaded from the WildernessLabs website).

When I try to start a project the templates for netduino are not showing.
On my old system the templates include:
Class Library
Console Application
Device Emulator
Netduino Application (just “Netduino,” not Netduino 1, 2 or anything like that)
Netduino Mini Application
Netduino Plus Application
Windows Application

Finally, here is my question: Can I get the old Visual Studio C# 2010 Express to work? OR should I delete it and install the new 2015 version. I am reluctant to install the 2015 version because I suspect that there is no longer any support for the original Netduino boards that I have (I have a few of them, Atmel AT91SAM7X512). I would like to learn the .NET development tools. Please let me know if you have any ideas about how to proceed. Thank you.

To reiterate, succinctly, does anyone know if the ORIGINAL NETDUINO (Atmel AT91SAM7X512) will work with the SDK that can be downloaded on this site. Please, any comments would be appreciated.

Sorry man. I can’t help you w/ your orig Netduino never having had one. The help around here is terrible. They don’t really seem to care about this platform still. I guess they want to sell the Meadow stuff but the orginal Netduino was such a trainwreck and the ‘reboot’ here isn’t given me confidence in any way shape or form so I’m about to just convert everything over to some other platform and develop in Eclipse and C instead of trying the old .NET thing which was a cute idea but needs to be put out of its (our) misery… .

Jay_Cee - thanks for the reply and sage advice. I thought I would dip into the .net world with a few old neduino boards that I have, but the support I have gotten regarding my basic start-up issue has been very discouraging. I did manage to get the legacy board to work after digging and digging. But it would have taken someone who knows this about one minute to save me a lot of time and frustration. Not a very engaged community. Anyway, thanks again, and good luck with Elicpse.

Mark - here’s my thread with some notes. You’ll see I’m mostly talking to myself but posting my experiences in order to help others like ourselves. Not sure if it helps but just in case.

One problem I had was finding the templates for Netduino projects in order to create new ones that setup properly… I did finally find those on the netduino SDK GitHub source and that seemed to help but boy was it more extra fiddling work.

Since I tried to pull this thing back out again I’d say its something like…

Time repeatedly trying to get this running and then having to start over when an update blows it all up again: 40hrs.
Actual time programming and developing on the device: 2hrs.